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Tourism is a sector that, along with fashion, has been a defining part of my life since childhood. The travel industry, in particular, has always captured my attention, leading me to educate myself and specialize in this field.

I won’t bore you with the details of my education, which you can easily find on the dedicated page. I know you may be wondering: What do events have to do with all of this? Let me explain my perspective:

Even those who travel for conferences or corporate events (Incentive Meetings, Team Building, Anniversaries, etc.) contribute to the fusion of tourism and events into what everyone, in a somewhat simplistic way, calls a journey. So, even if it seems unrelated, it’s actually quite relevant.

But let’s get to the main question of this article: Why does this blog exist? The reason is simple: to help you dream, plan, and travel. Let me explain further:

Dream: About the destination, the event;

Plan: Once the dream is envisioned, it’s time to take action. We will cover various topics to help you organize trips and events with minimal stress;

Travel: The moment to rejoice and live every splendid moment. Before you go, though, there will be more articles on how to handle unexpected situations.

We’ll also delve into topics I personally enjoy because, as I mentioned earlier, everything is interconnected, even if it doesn’t seem that way. But that’s not all: we’ll explore, analyze, and perhaps even advocate for giving a modern twist to these services, urging public administrations to recognize the importance of these often overlooked sectors despite the significant financial impact they generate.

I wish you an enjoyable read, and if you need further information or assistance, feel free to contact me!

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